Hakan Yılmaz

Director // Digital Artist

is a director , digital Artist , data simulation artist, born and raised in Istanbul, since 1986.


After graduating from Mimar Sinan Fine Art’s Uni, he has taken part in Visual Communications Design of Bilgi University as instructor. In 2002, and started to work on visual design, motion graphics and producing videos. In 2006, he designed his first ever TV Show Akustikhane and sat on the director’s chair for it. Receiving Akustikhane’s success he took one step further and in 2012 and started his own visual design and motion graphics company; Awesome Bros. Hakan has taken parts in numerous productions as a Director and Motion Graphics Designer.


Accompanied with Hakan's commercial works there are also his new media artworks. He participated in 4 exhibitions in 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 with new media artworks projected on canvas, directed a short movie in the same years.

Parallel Lines

Awards & Speaking


Music Show 


Bogazici Uni. Best Music Show on TV

 Directed "Akustikhane" tv show, Boğaziçi University TV Awards winner as "Best Music Program of The Year"

Tasarım Mutfagı INTERVIEW


YGA Zirvesi 2020